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Paul is dead
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Paul is Dead: Clue of the Day

Paul McCartney didn’t just suddenly come into existence in 1966, which is why we are confused about his decision to start the timeline on his official website at that particular year. Did he not feel like uploading any more photos? Did he not care about his successes prior? Perhaps he just thinks no one will notice. He is a legend after all, and no one tells legends what’s wrong with their websites. 

But Paul is Dead cluesters will get a kick out of this recent discovery. Paul has made it impossible to search anything prior to 1966 on his timeline, which as many of you know is his supposed year of death. Maybe he’s trying to tell us something; he can’t give you Paul McCartney’s timeline prior to 1966 because he wasn’t Paul McCartney prior to 1966.

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"It was his funeral, I think."

Paul McCartney’s brother, Mike McGear, on the last time he’d seen his brother.
(The Mike Douglas Show, October 1969)

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Table of Contents from this 1969 Paul is Dead magazine. Previously the contents of this magazine were unknown to many Paul is Dead believers who didn’t have access to the discontinued copy. Check back often to see the pages to come.

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